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Travel Dream Vacation offers more than just timeshare resale advertising; we work with you to get your timeshare seen and sold in an efficient and effective manner. Using advanced Internet marketing techniques, we target a global audience of consumers, driving thousands of qualified buyers to our site daily through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Since 2009, we've delivered over $1.7 billion in offers to buy or rent timeshares advertised on our site. See for yourself with our live offer feed that shows recent purchase and rental offers delivered to timeshare owners just like you.

Why Work With Us

As one of the largest and most active online marketplaces, we receive tens of thousands of timeshare purchase and rental offers each year. Working with us allows you to relax knowing our timeshare resale professionals are handling the sales and marketing efforts for you. We are confident that we will make the resale process simple and hassle-free for you.

Sell Your Timeshare

Owners looking to sell can feel confident in our extensive knowledge of the industry and our impressive marketing efforts that go the extra mile to drive interested buyers to our website and to your advertisement. We work diligently to attract the right audience and will work with you through the whole process.

Rent Your Timeshare

If you are not ready to sell or you love your ownership but simply can't use it this year, renting out your timeshare is an excellent way to to get some extra cash back. We work just as hard to drive interested renters to our inventory, and as timeshare rentals have become quite sought-after among vacationers, they tend to rent out quickly on the secondary market.

Ready to sell your timeshare?

  • Sell your Timeshare?

    If you need to sell timeshare, don’t wait. Aren’t you tired of paying maintenance fees for a timeshare you no longer want or use? For a limited time, advertise in Traveldreamvacation.com’s active, global marketplace—the best place to sell a timeshare—and we'll pay your next maintenance fee bill.

  • Why?

    It’s because we are so confident in our services and because there are buyers on our site right now searching for timeshares just like yours. Fill out the form to learn more about this special offer.

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Need to rent your timeshare?

  • Rent your Timeshare?

    Don't let your timeshare go unused if you can't go on vacation this year. There are travelers on this site right now searching for a vacation rental just like yours. And advertising your timeshare rental is both easy and cost-effect with our affordable rental services.

  • Cover the cost of your maintenance fees

    The average value of a rental offer on our site in 2015 was $1,857 an amount that greatly exceeds the industry-wide annual maintenance fee mean of $917.

  • Millions in rental offers each year

    Since 2014, Traveldreamvacation.com has delivered more than $149 million in rental offers to owners using our services.

  • Take advantage of our exclusive discount program

    Our rental services are heavily discounted for owners who also advertise a timeshare for sale with us.

  • For owners who qualify, we also offer a program to make your rental available for immediate online booking. Interested travelers can book your rental online through this website and the funds will be delivered to you! Contact a resort rental specialist now to add your timeshare rental to our global marketplace!

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