How a Timeshare Works

Timeshares confer upon buyers the right to annual exclusive use of a vacation property for a defined period that is generally measured in one-week increments. Timeshares typically use one of the following three systems:


Fixed Week

A fixed week timeshare gives the buyer the right to exclusively use the property for a specific week (or weeks) every year. While the advantage of this structure is that the buyer can plan an annual vacation at the same time every year.


Floating Week

A floating week timeshare gives the buyer exclusive use of the property for a week or weeks during a predefined period or even throughout the year. While it is more flexible than the fixed week system, the "floating week" may not be available during the busiest times of the year and may need to be reserved well in advance to ensure availability.



The points system uses points to represent timeshare ownership, based on factors such as resort location, size of the vacation property, and time of availability. Points are used by developers to facilitate timeshare exchanges either within their own resorts (internal exchange) or with other resorts as well (external exchange).

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